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The director of Development to Industry of Jundiai´s City Hall highlights the importance of fair

March 14, 2019 - Portal Log Web

“Brasil Log is as important to Jundiaí as Jundiaí is important to Brasil Log.” This sentence is from Gilson Aparecido Pichioli, Director of Development of the Industry of Jundiaí´s City Hall, in the Unit of the Economic Development Management, Science and Technology.

He refers to the International Logistics Fair, considered the biggest in this segment in the state of Sao Paulo. Its 7th Edition will happen in September 11 to 13, 2019, in Jundiaí, SP.

The city, considered a logistic center, holds a large number of companies in the sector, is close to the two largest cargo and passenger airports in the state of Sao Paulo, Guarulhos and Viracopos, and close to the largest seaport in the country, served by Brazil´s main and best roads.

It has a strategic location, since it is located between two big centers, São Paulo and Campinas. It offers a complete infrastructure to have and receive service or industrial companies, nationals or internationals, with high competitiveness, due to its easy access and its service to the biggest market of the country: Sao Paulo, a Macro metropolis, composed of 173 municipalities with more than 34 million of inhabitants and the highest proportional Brazilian PIB.

“It´s important to stress that, in 2018, the cargo railway transportation in containers was resumed, connecting the city to the Santos Port, right and left bank, for export cargos, import and domestic market via cabotage”, says Pichioli. Also highlighting the existing skilled labor in the region, as well as universities and several technological courses of high level in logistics, foreign trade and others. For all these reasons that he makes the statement that opens this text.

The Fair

Brasil Log is organized by Adelson Eventos (Phone: +55 11 4526.2637) and has the Logweb Editora (Phone: +55 11 3964.3744) as a business partner, which is also the official media and responsible for the elaboration of the event´s catalog.

According to Pichioli, the fair brings to the visiting public and to all who access the event through the social networks, the relevance of the logistic as a whole, essentially comprised of the infrastructure service and the Supply Chain, aiming to show the city, the region and all the country in the context of this service, which promotes and provides to the industrial sector greater and better competitiveness, both in the national and international scenario.

The exhibiting companies try to show the tendencies and the innovations of the segment in several modalities: road-rail transportation, air transportation, sea transportation, pipeline transportation, fluvial transportation, as well as the multimodality applied to all of them and the technology used, which every year offers opportunities, offering improvements, cost reduction, productivity and greater and better competitiveness. “Logistic is essential and fundamental to any product and service”, he says.

The director of Development to Industry also says that Jundiaí´s City Hall totally supports the event, once it promotes the city and its relevance, not only in the regional and national context, but globally as well. Brasil Log is held at Parque da Uva, with easy access through Anhanguera road and Jundiaí Avenue. “During the Fair, the City Hall also promotes, free of charge, PAT´s actions – Posto de Atendimento ao Trabalhador (Worker´s Assistance), Banco do Povo (People´s Bank) and Fundo Social de Solidariedade (Solidarity Social Fund)”, he adds.

Also acting, voluntarily, as director of Infrastructure, Logistics and Telecommunications of the Regional of CIESP Jundiai (Center of Industries of Sao

Paulo), Pichioli says that the entity has been fully supporting the event, since its first edition, including a booth, in which it presents its actions in favor of industry and, in this case, evidently, he understands that the services performed by the logistics sector have been and are fundamental to the competitiveness of the industrial segment in an increasingly global market. Through the Infrastructure, Logistics and Telecommunications Departments, CIESP Jundiaí contributes to the holding of seminars, lectures and debates on current and evolving sector in this important event.

The expectation is to attract about 5 to 7 thousand people from all over the country in a space of 53.000 m2, divided into three covered pavilions with about 4.000 m2 of area for the booths, as well as a great outdoor area. The fair counts with forklifts and trucks test drive.

Brasil Log brings together about 65 exhibitors from all sectors that encompass the logistics universe, from specialized labor to cargo handling and other services. Follow the news of the Fair through the Logweb and guarantee your space: in the event and in our publications.

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