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Jundiaí Logistic Potential is the stake of Brasil Log´s Fair

Jundiaí receives from September 11 to 13, 2019 the 7th edition of Brasil Log – International Logistics Fair, considered one of the main events of the sector in the country. The expectation is to gather about 60 national and international exhibitors in the Parque Comendador Antônio Carbonari. With the support of the Jundiaí City Hall and the Industry Center (Ciesp) of the State of São Paulo regional Jundiaí, Brazil Log 2019 promises to move the market, with exhibitors from all sectors that encompass the logistics universe, from specialized labor to the movement of cargo and other services.

For the manager of the Economic Development, Science and Technology Unit, Messias Mercadante de Castro, the fair generates opportunities for the municipality and for the participating companies. Castro emphasizes the privileged logistics infrastructure of the city, which has important highways, an executive airport, easy access to the main airports of the country and the Port of Santos, the reactivation of the road-rail operation of cargoes in containers connecting Jundiaí to the Port of Santos for cargoes export, import and domestic market through maritime cabotage with TIJU - Jundiaí Intermodal Terminal as well as a wide structure of industrial and logistic sheds. "Qualities like these make Jundiaí the host city of Brazil Log - International Logistics Fair, an important event in the sector that comes to add even more value to the city in the logistics area," he says.

Currently, the logistics sector in Jundiaí has 1362 companies and 12,478 formal jobs. "The expectation is that the industry will advance further with the arrival of new companies, especially logistical operators and CDs, as well as the increase and expansion of companies already installed," says the municipal manager.

Jundiaí’s logistical potential is one of the Brazil Log's success bets, according to the event organizer Adelson Lopes. "Jundiaí stands out as one of the main logistics centers in the country, which contributes to the success of our fair, which objective is to create a space where investors, entrepreneurs and professionals can learn about the products, tendencies, solutions and new releases, attracting a highly qualified public, looking for networking and business, attracting a highly qualified public, looking for networking and business”, says Lopes.

The director of infrastructure and logistics of Ciesp Jundiaí, Gilson Pichioli, points out the importance of the fair for the city. "Brazil Log is representative not only for the city but also for the country. Jundiaí is a highly significant city in the logistics sector and the accomplishment of this fair brings greater visibility to the region in the national and international context, attracting investments", he says.

Ciesp Jundiaí has supported the creation of Brasil Log since its first edition. In addition, as in previous editions, promotes the Business Roundtable with the objective of bringing together companies from all over the region for networking, exchange of experiences and knowledge.

Brazil Log 2019 has the support of the Jundiaí City Hall, CIESP Jundiaí, Sebrae, Jundiaí Commercial and Business Association (ACE), Transporte Digital News, Aviação Notícias Magazine, Exporta Jundiaí, Logweb Magazine, National Association of Road Implements Manufacturers (Anfir) , Na Boléia Magazine, Cargo News and the Chamber of Foreign Trade of Campinas and Region (CCCER).

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