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Brasil Log 2019 promises to shake the logistics market up in the second semester

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Already in its 7th Edition, which will happen in the period of September 11 to 13, 2019 in Jundiaí-SP, Brasil Log – International Logistics Fair is considered the biggest in this segment in the state of Sao Paulo. “Since there are no longer events specifically for the logistics and handling and storage sectors in Sao Paulo´s capital, Brasil Log became the biggest event of the sector of the state of Sao Paulo”, emphasizes Adelson Lopes, Executive Director of the event organizer, Adelson Eventos (Phone: +55 11 4526.2637).

It is still important to remember, that Logweb Editora (Phone: +55 11 3964.3744) is the business partner, besides being the official media and responsible for the elaboration of the event´s catalog.

According to Lopes, Adelson Eventos took the initiative to hold this project in 2010, as they saw a very large gap in the countryside of the state regarding events related to the logistics sector.

On the other hand, the strategic location and the high number of industries and Distribution Centers of Jundiai´s region favored the event. “One of the differentials of this event is that we gather all the modalities (road, aerial, maritime and railroad), besides Jundiaí is already considered a city with a great logistic center”, completes the director.

The expectation is to attract about 5 to 7 thousand people from all over the country to Parque Comendador Antônio Carbonari – Parque da Uva, a space of 53.000 m2, divided into three covered pavilions with about 4.000 m2 of area for the booths, as well as a great outdoor area. The fair should count with forklifts and trucks test drive.

As for the exhibitors, about 65 will be gathered, from all sectors that encompass the logistics universe, from specialized labor to cargo handling and other services.

And, from this edition of Logweb we will show the exhibitors of the event, including their releases, the line of products and services and what they expect from Brasil Log.

ZHAZ Soluções de A a Z (Solutions from A to Z)

This is the first participation of ZHAZ Soluções de A a Z (Phone: +55 11 4221.5348) and, according to Thiago Ribeiro, commercial director of the company, this happened due to the Logweb participation in the event. “I follow Logweb for a long time, and I believe it to be the biggest and most trustworthy portal of news in the sector.”

Still according to Ribeiro, ZHAZ´s perspectives with attending the event are to get leads and do business with companies in this sector. “We want people to know our release, the mobile laboratory for maintenance in field of data collectors – unique in the market nowadays. And also: extended guarantee for data collectors and thermic printers (after end of guarantee by the manufacturer – unique in the market) and a solution in IOT for the logistics segment.”

Still during the event, the company will present maintenance, sale and data collectors renting, data collectors for forklifts, wearable data collectors, data collectors with Android, ultra-resistant bar code readers, industrial thermic printers, mobile printers, thermic printers accessories (print heads, idlers, network adaptor) data collectors accessories (batteries, battery chargers, protection case) and wireless infrastructure focused in the logistics segment.

Beside these, ZAHZ offers inventory systems, AIDC automation deployment consulting, wireless infrastructure and IOT.

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